Arnaud Rebotini & Dave Clarke at TSUGI Superclub Trabendo, Paris March 10, 2023

Arnaud Rebotini (live) played a really scatter shot live set, it was all over the place many of the songs are very good, but it didn’t seem to be a cohesive voyage. At the beginning he was singing? (sounded like screaming) over the top of the music and we found that a little difficult on the ears

Then Dave Clarke came on and it was amazing as usual but it seems as though there was no transition between live set mixing on the clubs soundsystem board and the DJ equipment that Dave Clark was using to mix as a DJ, we’re not experts in this (we hope to learn more) but you could really tell that the sound was more muddled than Arnaud Rebotini (live)

So in conclusion it wasn’t the best night, but it was fun and interesting


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