Astropolis | Brest, France 2022


Laurent Garnier has the ability to create collective effervescence or energy and gather all generations. A psychedelic experience involving a realization of the “wholeness” or “oneness” of everything.

Laurent creates supremely psychedelic and eclectic sets that really take you on a voyage. Until he started, Astropolis was just a well produced highly enjoyable festival. Then Laurent went on and created an environment that made it a magical memorable moment in Raving.

We were looking forward to Ellen Alien but she got stuck in Germany. And this set back actually transformed into a blessed opportunity for Laurent Garnier to deliver a truly ecumenical set (ecumenical def. – concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions) starting to our utter amazement with drill and drum and bass breakbeats then turning into pure techno and back again for an unforgettable final 3 hours later. He can travel from sheer excitement and joy to minimalist melancholia and let the phoenix rise again from the ashes by magically exploding into a monster of upbeat tempos.

The Bretons obviously love Lolo and he gives the love back, jumping around the turntables like the wild teenager he still is at heart. The encore – Two Fingers ‘You Ain’t Down’ – after 7:30am, truly turned the crowd even more ecstatic.

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