Defining Dance Music Subgenres is Impossible

Parisian streets pulsate with the bass of underground techno, while Berlin nightclubs reverberate with the industrial clang of hardstyle. Across the globe, dance music thrives in its vast diversity, boasting myriad subgenres that seem to multiply faster than a dubstep beat drop. But here’s the truth: pinning down these subgenres with neat little labels is practically impossible.

The Elusive Dance subgenre?

Several factors contribute to this definitional subgenres:

  • Evolutionary Fusion: Dance music thrives on borrowing, twisting, and blending elements from existing genres. A track might start with the driving rhythm of techno, incorporate the euphoric melodies of trance, and sprinkle in the gritty textures of industrial, defying categorization.
  • Tempo is Tricky: Tempo, often used as a defining characteristic, exists on a spectrum. Is a 130 BPM track house or techno? It depends on the overall feel, instrumentation, and production techniques.
  • Regional Flavors: Local scenes and cultural influences shape subgenres. What’s considered “deep house” in Chicago might sound radically different in London.
  • The Producer’s Playground: Producers constantly push boundaries, experimenting with new sounds and technologies. This constant innovation makes fitting them into predefined boxes near impossible.

Beyond the Label:

So, if strict definitions are elusive, does that mean appreciating dance music requires a PhD in subgenre identification? Absolutely not! Here’s how to navigate the genre labyrinth:

  • Focus on the Feeling: Let the music move you. What emotions does it evoke? Energetic, introspective, melancholic? This emotional connection is far more relevant than fitting it into a specific category.
  • Explore by Artist: Follow artists you enjoy and delve into their discography. You’ll naturally discover related sounds and broaden your horizons without getting bogged down in labels.
  • Embrace the Journey: The beauty of dance music lies in its constant evolution. Enjoy the journey of discovery, appreciating the nuances and unique flavors each subgenre offers. 

Follow the DJs.

Yes, DJs are the true curators of the dance music experience. They weave tapestries of sound, stitching together diverse tracks into journeys that evoke specific moods and atmospheres.

  • Finding Your Vibe: DJs specialize in different styles. Follow DJs who resonate with your taste, whether it’s the driving energy of techno DJs like DVS1 or the deep, atmospheric soundscapes of Donato Dozzy. Explore their sets, discover the artists they feature, and let their curation guide you to new sonic territories.
  • Genre-Bending Masters: Many DJs defy strict genre categorization. They blend seamlessly, creating unique sonic experiences that transcend labels. Following these genre-bending artists like Sasha, Laurent Garnier or Sven Vath exposes you to the vast spectrum of dance music without getting hung up on definitions.
  • The Live Experience: Witnessing a DJ set live is an unparalleled experience. The energy, the crowd interaction, the DJ’s masterful manipulation of the music – it all contributes to a vibe that transcends genres and labels.

Dance music is a conversation, not a dictionary

Dance music is a conversation, not a dictionary. Let the rhythm guide you, lose yourself in the feeling, and celebrate the ever-evolving tapestry of sound that transcends the limitations of labels. And on that dance floor, the only definition that truly matters is the one you create with your own two feet, guided by the expert hand of a DJ who speaks the language of your soul.

While strict definitions might be elusive, understanding the broad strokes of different subgenres can enhance your appreciation. Check out online resources and communities to get a taste of the diverse soundscapes waiting to be explored. And most importantly, don’t hesitate to follow DJs who set your soul on fire – they’ll be your best guides on this infinite musical universe.

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