DVS1 at FVTVR Paris March 15, 2024


Both sophisticated and radical DVS1 always delivers, although the sound system and soundscape at FVTVR need work – something was wrong with the room acoustics and the clarity of the sound was quite muffled and distorted.

DVS1 isn’t just a name in techno – it’s synonymous with innovation, influence, and an unwavering dedication to the genre’s future. From Minnesota, Zak Khutoretsky, has carved a unique path that extends far beyond the DJ booth.

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DVS1’s DJ sets are legendary for their intensity and precision. He’s not just a selector, he’s a sculptor of sound, weaving tracks into a tapestry that takes listeners on a journey through the very essence of techno. He is well respected and plays everywhere and is a resident at Berghain. But his influence transcends the dancefloor. DVS1 is a highly respected producer, churning out infectious techno anthems that have become staples in clubs worldwide. His label, Rush Hour Recordings, has been a breeding ground for innovative techno for over two decades, fostering the careers of countless artists and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

DVS1’s impact doesn’t stop there. He’s a true visionary, constantly seeking ways to push techno forward. This is evident in his work with Aslice, a software platform he developed to address a critical issue in the electronic music industry: the income disparity between DJs and producers.

Aslice tackles this challenge head-on by creating a system where DJs can donate a portion of their fees directly to the producers whose music they play. This innovative approach ensures fairer compensation for the artists behind the tracks, while fostering a stronger sense of community within the techno scene. DVS1’s dedication to Aslice highlights not just his focus on his own success, but on the well-being of the entire techno ecosystem.

DVS1 isn’t one to shy away from his opinions. He’s a vocal advocate for the techno scene, unafraid to spark conversations and challenge the status quo.

For example: one of DVS1’s strong opinions is the distinction between DJ events and rock concerts. He believes there’s a fundamental difference in the experience and the focus of the audience. Here’s why:

  • Focus on the DJ vs. the Performer: In a rock concert, the audience’s attention is primarily on the band or artist onstage. They’re there to sing along to familiar songs and experience the performer’s energy. In a techno event, the DJ is more like a curator, creating a sonic journey for the audience. The focus is on the music itself and the atmosphere it creates, rather than worshipping a particular artist.
  • Stage Presence vs. Dance Floor Engagement: Rock concerts often involve elaborate stage setups, lighting shows, and a clear separation between the performers and the audience. In a techno event, the DJ booth is often less prominent, and the dance floor is the central focus. The goal is to create a participatory experience where the audience becomes part of the atmosphere through dancing.
  • Celebration of Established Music vs. Exploration of New Sounds: Rock concerts typically feature established artists playing their greatest hits. Techno events, on the other hand, are often a platform for exploring new sounds and discovering upcoming artists. DJs play a wider range of music, taking the audience on a journey that may not always be familiar.

 DVS1 often eliminates the traditional DJ stage and lighting elements. The focus is on the wall of sound itself, creating a more immersive and raw experience.The emphasis is on the music itself, not on the DJ’s personality or ego.

DVS1’s perspective highlights the unique culture of techno events. They’re not about worshipping a single artist, but about immersing oneself in the music and the energy of the community.

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