DVS1 at Kilomètre 25 Paris October 21, 2023


On October 21, 2023, DVS1 took to the decks at Kilometre 25 in Paris for a two-and-a-half-hour set that was nothing short of a masterclass in techno. The veteran DJ’s performance was electric, incredibly complex, and profound, proving once again that experience matters when it comes to delivering truly excellent techno music.

From the moment DVS1 started his set, it was clear that he was in complete control. He began with a series of rhythmic, almost monotonous beats that were expertly mixed and immediately captivating. However, these beats also served to clear the floor of those who were not patient enough to be taken on the journey that DVS1 was about to embark on.

After about an hour, the set took a turn into the psychedelic, with DVS1 experimenting with a wide range of sounds and rhythms that were both challenging and exhilarating. At times, the music was a little difficult to listen to, but it was always innovative and pushed the boundaries of what techno could be.

Throughout the set, DVS1 demonstrated his mastery of the craft. He expertly blended different genres of techno, creating a sound that was both familiar and unique. He also showed a deep understanding of the crowd, knowing when to push the boundaries and when to bring things back to a more familiar groove.

He played or sampled a wide range of tracks, including what sounded like Abba’s “Voulez-Vous” and elements of jazz. Creating a sound that was both experimental and accessible, challenging the listener while still remaining danceable.

By the end of the set, the crowd was left in awe. DVS1 had taken them on a journey that was sonic and emotional. This set was a reminder of the power of techno music to move and inspire people, when it is in the hands of an experienced artist.

DVS1 is a master of his craft. He is a true techno pioneer, and he is one of the best DJs in the world. If you have the chance to see him play live, don’t miss it. You are in for a journey like no other.

Here are a few DVS1 sets to listen to at home – please add links in the comments to other sets that we can hear

house set

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