Heretik Sound System, Warehouse, Nantes – Friday November 17, 2023

Heretik Sound System, a legendary collective, Friday November 17 for an anthology night.

We found the main room to be a great atmosphere but the music was more mainstream than we expected. Last time we saw Heretik Sound System was the terrific Techno Parade Paris – September 23, 2023 and they had the best sound system of the parade and most experimental djs. This time the main room was pretty good but not as memorable, although Popof was really great. The action for us was in room 2 where RAKAM closed the night with a very trippy and funky set that made everyone smile.

The crowd was the highlight of the night, the super friendly and warm people, it really had the feeling of an authentic rave

Heretik is a tribe, labels, a sound system, and above all a family of enthusiasts… A festive and artistic concept where everyone, whatever their field of expression, brings a unique energy.

Pioneers of the French Underground Techno Scene

In the vibrant realm of electronic music, certain names stand out as pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers. Heretik Sound System, a collective that has played a pivotal role in shaping the French underground techno scene, is one such name. Their journey, spanning from their humble beginnings in Paris’ clandestine rave scene to their global recognition as icons of the genre, is a testament to unwavering passion, rebellion, and artistic brilliance.

A Rebellious Spirit and Uncompromising Sound

Heretik Sound System emerged in 1995, a period when electronic music was gradually gaining mainstream acceptance. However, the group was not content with conforming to the commercial trends of the time. Instead, they sought to push the boundaries of the genre, crafting a raw, energetic, and uncompromising sound that resonated with a growing underground community.

Their rebellious spirit was evident in their choice of venues for their infamous raves. Abandoned warehouses, forests, and even the Gare de Fret de Bercy in Paris transformed into their playgrounds, creating an atmosphere of transgression and freedom that attracted a dedicated following. These events transcended mere parties; they were expressions of a counterculture movement, a rejection of societal norms, and a celebration of self-expression.




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