Jeff Mills at Kilometre25, 7 May 2024 a Transcendent Night

Attention techno aficionados and night owls of Paris! Brace yourselves for an evening of unparalleled sonic transcendence as Jeff Mills created an underground converge at Kilometre25 on Tuesday, May 7th.

Headlining this gathering is none other than the legendary Jeff Mills, a true pioneer and visionary of the techno genre. Emerging from the fertile Detroit scene in the late 80s, Mills co-founded the hugely influential Underground Resistance collective, helping define techno’s raw, futuristic sound aesthetic.

A Jeff Mills live set is a religious experience unto itself. The man is a true virtuoso, renowned for his innovative performance style and technical mastery. In an era before laptop DJing, Mills would seamlessly blend up to 70 records per hour across three turntables, reconstructing tracks live with surgical precision. His command of the iconic Roland TR-909 drum machine is legendary, as he hypnotically manipulates the classic beatbox to coax alien, transcendent grooves.

Mills takes audiences on an intense, uncompromising journey, building relentless, propulsive rhythms that dissolve your sense of time and space. With a preternatural ability to create tension, the energy grows more feverish by the minute as he works the crowd into an ecstatic state, locked in symbiosis with the cosmic frequencies. Despite being in his late 50s, Mills remains at the peak of his transcendent live performance powers. And further proof of Excellence of Experienced DJs

While the techno scene in Paris is often associated with a younger, more raucous crowd, this particular gathering at Kilometre25 is poised to attract an older, more seasoned contingent of electronic music fans. Jeff Mills’ legendary status and decades-long influence make his performances a bucket list experience for the discerning, experienced raver. Many of the faithful in attendance will be well-acquainted with Mills’ seminal work, having cut their teeth on the transcendent grooves he pioneered in the 80s and 90s. So expect the dancefloor to be populated by a diverse crowd – from youthful initiates, to grizzled veterans seeking a portal back to techno’s revered origins. This is a night to bridge generational gaps, united in a collective pursuit of rhythmic enlightenment under the tutelage of one of the genre’s most uncompromising visionaries.

Joining Mills is the enigmatic Kuss, a Parisian selector whose uncompromising, cerebral sets have earned him a cult following among the city’s discerning techno cognoscenti. With an impeccable ear for the darkest, most psychedelic grooves, Kuss will undoubtedly take the Kilometre25 faithful to uncharted psychic dimensions.

Rounding out this formidable lineup is Tina Tornade, an ascending force whose visceral, high-velocity DJ sets have been leaving audiences shellshocked across Europe’s underground circuit. Tornade’s ability to merge rapid-fire rhythmic intensity with hypnotic atmospherics makes her the perfect complement to Mills and Kuss.

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