Marcel Dettmann Rex Club Fri, 10 Nov 2023

 Marcel Dettmann at the Rex Club was very different than the last time we saw him in Paris. We liked very much some specific moments, housey, psychedelic, rappey, but did not find it as good as his other Paris set Marcel Dettmann brings intense techno beats to Carbone Club in January 2023 or the times we have heard Marcel Dettmann play Berghain. But we did not find very convincing the set as a whole, although it some times verged on avant-garde. That said don’t get the wrong idea – It was excellent

The Enigmatic Marcel Dettmann: Beyond the Berghain Walls

Marcel Dettmann, a name synonymous with the dark, pulsating techno that emanates from the legendary Berlin club Berghain, is much more than just a resident DJ. This enigmatic figure is a master of adaptation, a genre-bending chameleon within the world of techno.

Beyond the Label: More Than Techno

While often categorized as a techno DJ, Dettmann’s true strength lies in his eclecticism. His early influences stretched beyond techno, encompassing new wave, post-punk, and industrial music. This rich background allows him to weave a tapestry of sound in his sets, incorporating elements that surprise and challenge audiences.

The Berghain Chameleon: Adapting to the Crowd

Unlike some DJs with a signature sound, Dettmann is a master of reading the room. He tailors his sets to the specific venue and crowd [you mentioned Dettmann adapts to the setting]. This adaptability is on full display at Berghain, where he might unleash a driving, industrial techno set one night and surprise everyone with a more atmospheric soundscape the next.

The Master of Collaboration: Dettmann B2B

Dettmann’s brilliance extends beyond solo sets. He’s renowned for his B2B (back-to-back) sets, where he collaborates with DJs of contrasting styles. A prime example is his partnership with the enigmatic DJ Stingray 313. Their sets are a testament to Dettmann’s ability to improvise, blend genres, and create a musical conversation that transcends individual styles [you mentioned their deep musical connection]. Dettmann’s contrasting styles with Stingray’s “cyborg beats” create a truly unforgettable experience [you mentioned their contrasting styles make the B2B special].

Delving Deeper into Dettmann’s World

If you’re curious to explore the multifaceted world of Marcel Dettmann, here are some resources:

  • Berghain Sets (fan recordings): While official recordings are scarce, dedicated fans often share snippets of Dettmann’s Berghain sets online. Search for “Marcel Dettmann Berghain” to get a taste of his in-club magic.
  • Marcel Dettmann Records: Explore the label founded by Dettmann himself to discover his productions and the work of other artists who share his sonic vision [mention of MDR label].
  • ARTE Concert (2021): This online performance with DJ Stingray showcases their incredible synergy. You can find the full set here:

Marcel Dettmann is more than just a Berghain resident DJ. He’s a genre-bending artist, a master collaborator, and a true innovator in the world of techno.

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