RAVER GIRL by Samantha Durbin

‘Raver Girl’ flashes back to the ’90s underground scene

Raver Girl is a sixteen-year-old glitter girl next door from Oakland, CA. She’s creative and explores her imaginative depths with weed, acid, mushrooms, and the like. Her two parents adore her, and she adores her two brothers, but she doesn’t know how to ask for help when she needs it. RG’s favorite color is red. Her favorite musicians are Guns n’ Roses, Beastie Boys, and Deee-Lite. RG wants to be loved but doesn’t yet know how to love herself. She’ll put anything up her nose if it numbs her anxiety about being a girl in the world. Raver Girl just wants to dance all night, and she finds that, and a world of more, at a rave in January of 1996.

Samantha Durbin is Raver Girl. I’ve been writing my story for seven years. I’m wildly excited to share it with you.

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