Rex Club 35 years | Paris April 7, 2023

D’julz b2b with Traumer started the night for us with an energetic mix of experimental house sounds, great dance music from these two veterans.

Then Laurent Garnier’s set started at 5:00 a.m. overall it was kind of a disjointed expressive voyage, although very well mixed as usual with Laurent Garnier

It seemed to be a mix complicated emotionally by something that happened recently in Laurent’s life. Last week he was supposed to play at Time Warp 2023 but he canceled. So it leads us to believe that he personally is having some issues. We thought we could hear it in the mix. The songs he played where soul-stirring and evolved over the 3 1/2 hours into a cathartic final hour.

At the beginning there was a more natural disco infused sound that developed into some of his personal songs we recognise from seeing him before and probably stuff that’s coming out from the new album to be released soon .

It was a fitting 35th birthday celebration for the Rex club

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