Rødhåd at FVTVR Paris March 30, 2024


Rødhåd at FVTVR Paris was intense and breathtaking, he is really a magical sorcerer taking the club on an epic journey of pulsating psychedelic rhythm.

Rødhåd: Weaving Psychedelic Rhythms, the Hendrix of Techno

Rødhåd, the revered German DJ and techno producer, transcends mere mention alongside techno greats. A useful comparison placing him in the psychedelic pantheon: Rødhåd is to hypnotic, genre-bending techno what Hendrix is to rock.

This analogy isn’t just about innovation. Yes, Rødhåd, like Hendrix, is a genre-pushing pioneer. But the true magic lies in their ability to warp perception. Hendrix’s guitar became a portal to swirling sonic landscapes, while Rødhåd’s mastery of rhythm crafts a similarly mind-altering experience.

Imagine a pulsating bassline, not a relentless four-on-the-floor, but a heartbeat that morphs and evolves. Rødhåd weaves intricate polyrhythms, drawing from influences beyond techno, creating a tapestry of sound that transports listeners. Think Hendrix’s feedback-laden solos, reimagined as layers of percussive textures that build, recede, and constantly surprise.

The comparison extends to performance. Just as Hendrix mesmerized crowds with his raw energy, Rødhåd’s sets are journeys. He might extend them into improvised explorations, venturing into uncharted sonic territories. The audience isn’t just dancing; they’re enveloped in a swirling vortex of sound, a hypnotic experience driven by Rødhåd’s masterful manipulation of rhythm.

Music appreciation is subjective, but this comparison highlights Rødhåd’s transformative power within techno. He doesn’t just play the genre; he redefines it, creating music that bends reality, similar to Hendrix’s guitar pyrotechnics. Rødhåd is a weaver of psychedelic rhythms, a true innovator forging a path unlike any other in techno.

Listen to some Rødhåd sets below:

Time Warp Røhåd starts at 9:32:14

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