Ben Klock & Zadig at Kilomètre25 : June 10, 2023


SKRYPTÖM x Kilomètre25



Ben Klock is a prominent German techno DJ and producer. He is known for his influential role in the Berlin techno scene and is associated with Berghain. Ben Klock rose to prominence in the mid-2000s and has since become one of the most respected figures in the electronic music industry. His DJ sets and productions are characterized by their driving rhythms, hypnotic grooves, and atmospheric soundscapes. Ben Klock has released music on esteemed labels such as Ostgut Ton and has performed at numerous renowned clubs and festivals around the world.

We thoroughly enjoyed Ben Klock’s set and found it rhythmically excellent. DJs have their own signature style, and Ben Klock’s set delivered on that front. It was a consistent and well-crafted musical experience. Ben Klock’s set was highly engaging and kept you captivated for the entire two hours. A set that excels at creating a dance-friendly atmosphere, a testament to the DJ’s skill and understanding of his audience. While some may seek out more experimental or psychedelic experiences, others appreciate the skillful mixing and rhythmic qualities that Ben Klock brings to his sets.

Ben Klock’s set was an exceptional display of his talent and musical vision. Although it didn’t delve into the realms of weirdness or psychedelia, it didn’t detract from the overall quality of the performance. It kept us engaged, moving, and fully immersed in the pulsating beats, showcasing Ben Klock’s ability to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Zadig’s set added to the enchantment, with mesmerizing lighting and a superb sound system amplifying the impact of Zadig’s performance. As the night sky turned into dawn, the crowd danced as one, celebrating the culmination of an extraordinary experience, a terrific conclusion to a magical night at Kilomètre25

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