• Ibiza | September 2022

    Ibiza | September 2022

    Notes from September 12 – 23, 2022 We got some really great advice and added to guest lists by my dear friend in Ibiza Mike Parry at WednesdayLas Dalias / Akasha Ibiza this is a great place that gets intensely overcrowded at night. Las Dalias is an outdoor market with bars, hippy markets, restaurants, and chill-out […]

  • Astropolis 2022

    Astropolis 2022

    Laurent Garnier has the ability to create collective effervescence or energy and gather all generations. A psychedelic experience involving a realization of the “wholeness” or “oneness” of everything. Laurent creates supremely psychedelic and eclectic sets that really take you on a voyage. Until he started, Astropolis was just a well produced highly enjoyable festival. Then […]