Techno Parade Paris – September 23, 2023

The parade was a hot mess of sounds mixing together with the quality of sound way better on some of the trucks. The crowd was estimated at 400,000! for the 25th edition of the Techno Parade  was diverse and very peaceful the spirit of rave was very well represented. 

The Heretik Sound System was the best sound quality and DJs We where very impressed with Beuns, Rokette77and KRS although the sets where too short, the atmosphere was great with thousands of ravers dedicated and up for it, as where Sœurs Malsaines x La Vagabonde, Vahana Records.

The Fun Radio Truck was weak commercial crap pop dance music (EDM) but had a big crowd of seemingly unsophisticated newbees not dancing, lets hope they get with the program. The sound is annoyingly flaccid.

Although the sound quality (sound systems and DJs) was a bit all over the place the Techno Parade was very cool, and more proof (if we had needed more proof) that the Underground remains strong and is vastly different than the explosion of bad commercial techno that has been gaining popularity

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