Laurent Garnier

  • Rex Club 35 years | Paris April 7, 2023

    Rex Club 35 years | Paris April 7, 2023

    D’julz b2b with Traumer started the night for us with an energetic mix of experimental house sounds, great dance music from these two veterans. Then Laurent Garnier’s set started at 5:00 a.m. overall it was kind of a disjointed expressive voyage, although very well mixed as usual with Laurent Garnier It seemed to be a…

  • Astropolis | Brest, France 2022

    Astropolis | Brest, France 2022

    Laurent Garnier has the ability to create collective effervescence or energy and gather all generations. A psychedelic experience involving a realization of the “wholeness” or “oneness” of everything. Laurent creates supremely psychedelic and eclectic sets that really take you on a voyage. Until he started, Astropolis was just a well produced highly enjoyable festival. Then…