Carl Craig: Party/ After-Party MOCA Los Angeles, July 2023

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Carl Craig Party/After-Party is a compelling example of an attempt to recreate the clubbing experience in a museum or gallery, while being interesting and very good sound quality it didn’t create the feeling of a rave or nightclub. That said it was a very good experience and it is nice to see Techno being recognized as art in a serious setting.

Carl Craig Party/After-Party is an immersive environment that plunges visitors into the pulsating world of techno music and dance culture. As a Detroit-based techno DJ and producer with a 30-year career. The experience begins with a solitary moment as the DJ spins alone, setting the stage for what is to come. As visitors traverse the space, they are enveloped by techno beats and neon strips, simulating the energy and atmosphere of a packed warehouse club. The installation culminates in a crescendo of collective ecstasy, capturing the peak of the party before seamlessly transitioning into the more reflective and somber ambiance of the after-party.

Carl Craig’s Party/After-Party is a mesmerizing ode to the techno scene, an exploration of the dance floor’s emotional spectrum, and a powerful reminder of the importance of shared experiences in shaping our cultural identity. By transforming an industrial space into a haven for creative expression, Craig invites visitors to immerse themselves in his sonic world and connect with the essence of techno music’s profound impact on human connection and collective consciousness.

Party/After-Party is not just a celebration of techno music and its pioneers; it is a reclaiming of space and a testament to the resilience of communal experiences. Commissioned by the Dia Art Foundation, the installation breathes new life into The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, repurposing its former industrial and law enforcement origins into a canvas for radical experimentation and artistic agency. The soundscape pays homage to the Black innovators of techno and electronic music, acknowledging their vital contributions to the genre’s evolution.


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