Peacock Society Festival – Saturday July 8, 2023 Paris

The Peacock Society Festival 2022 last Year was magnificent Laurent Garnier played an extended 3 hour set at sunset that was truly spectacular, so we can’t expect it to be as good as 2022

Paula Temple  was terrific after the always reliable Richie Hawtin, and Trym needs more experience. Acid Arab was unique and different we liked the fact that it was different and the rythms were fun to dance to. The organization of Peacock was good but they need more bars – 20+ minutes standing in line for a beer is too much.

The Peacock Society Festival in Paris features a great lineup of renowned international DJs and electronic music artists known for its impressive production values and immersive atmosphere, the Peacock Society Festival offers a unique experience for attendees. The event showcases various genres of electronic music, including techno, house, disco, and more. With multiple stages, each offering a different vibe and sound, the festival caters to a wide range of musical tastes.

The Peacock Society Festival ends early (at midnight), but that kind of makes it cool too, because it is nice to hear the quality DJs play earlier for a change.

The Peacock Society Festival in Paris has gained a reputation for its strong lineup, top-notch production, and vibrant atmosphere, making it a highly anticipated event in the electronic music scene.

Peacock Society Festival in Paris is known for its diverse and very friendly crowd (for Paris) that enhances the overall rave(y) festival experience.

Parc de Choisy

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