Festival Le Bon Air – Marseille May 17, 2024


Friday 17 – The first day was kind of interesting but not that interesting; the place is really incredible, kind of a labyrinth of different cement floors. However, the sound systems weren’t terrific, and the lighting doesn’t seem like they put in too much effort. We feel spoiled by the Nuits Sonores festival last week in Lyon where the production was top-notch and very professional. Le Bon Air was not very polished; the DJs and the music just weren’t inspiring and seemed to be muffled and subdued.

Saturday 18I Hate Models cancelled. (Read more here https://ra.co/news/80686) something about a private jet, sounds like a bratty primadona thing. We are not disappointed after hearing him play at the Nuits Sonores festival — a very, very cheesy set of Instagram Hard Techno that isn’t hard, just fast.

We went to Festival Le Bon Air to see Ben UFO, and we found out that he was spinning B2B with Helena Hauff, and were mildly disappointed to hear that, but it turned out to be very interesting. Because generally we found the Marseille crowd to be a bit uncommitted to the real rave spirit and more blasé in their dedication to the community and scene. So when we compared the effect that Ben UFO and Helena Hauff had during the same set, we saw just how much the music can influence the attitude of the crowd. We perceived Ben UFO as creating the right atmosphere with his selections and mixing that was flawless, diverse, tribal, and very different than many other DJs we have heard lately. As compared to Helena Hauff’s selections, which were more straightforward techno selections and much more monotonous, the effect it had on the dancefloor was that more people were talking, moving around, and not dancing as much as when Ben UFO was selecting. The difference was real and clear, the spirit of collective effervescence was stronger when the music was more interesting and soulful.

Sunday 19Laurent Garnier is one of our very favorite DJs but tonight wasn’t nearly as good as last week at the Nuits Sonores festival. It was more like his SoundCloud radio show about new music and different styles than a set we are used to. A little disappointing because the setting was on the roof and the crowd was really cool and composed of longtime fans.

Friday 17

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