Partiboi69 Rex Club Paris Friday October 27th 2023

The  Partiboi69 set at Rex Club was a messy and dirty Ghetto house music set – higher BPM, fast house with a lot of speed rapping.

At one point he played Public Enemy sped up and that was very nice.

We heard him play a good energy techno set at Marvelous Island festival in the spring of 2023,  but his club music we find to be weaker

In our opinion, Partiboi69’s club music is a mixed bag. His sets can be energetic, fun and unpretentious but they can also be goofy and disjointed. His drops are often hit-or-miss, and some of his transitions are downright sloppy.

He played some good funky songs but at some points he stopped the music and played long intros

We found it too EDMy with drops not in a good way (if there is a good way to do EDM  drops 😃) We preferred his techno set


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