Bass Culture Bliss: D’Julz All Night Long at The Rex Club Saturday, 28 Oct 2023


We had the incredible opportunity to witness a magnificent All Night Long set by D’Julz at The Rex Club in Paris. The event promised an unforgettable night of music, and it certainly delivered on that promise. D’Julz, a true craftsman behind the decks, took us on a sonic House music journey that transcended mere genres and trends, actively shaping the ever-changing soundscape of electronic music through his own productions, DJ performances, and legendary parties.

The collective effervescence on the dancefloor at The Rex Club saturday was off the charts – a really special night of love and respect for the dance music community.

The All Night Long set at The Rex Club with D’Julz was nothing short of magical. His All Night Long set was a testament to his expertise and passion for electronic music. If you ever have the chance to experience a D’Julz performance, don’t miss it. He’s more than a DJ; he’s a maestro who weaves sonic tales that resonate with your soul and keep you dancing until the early morning hours. D’Julz is a true pioneer of the electronic music scene, and his legacy continues to grow with every beat he drops.

A Storied Career:

D’Julz’s career spans over two and a half decades, and his journey began in the heart of the electronic music scene in Paris. He quickly established himself as a prominent figure, gracing the decks of the city’s iconic early 90’s raves and legendary clubs. In 1993, he decided to take his skills to New York, further solidifying his reputation as a true taste-maker in the industry. From there, D’Julz’s influence only continued to grow.

A Worldly Odyssey:

D’Julz is a gifted curator of music, and his pedigree has earned him a loyal international following. His tour schedule reads like a world traveler’s dream, with him visiting major cities every week and playing at the best venues they have to offer. Notably, he has held a residency at The Rex Club Paris for more than 20 years! and Circoloco (DC10) for seven years, where he took charge of the world-renowned red terrace room several times each summer season. His sets consistently showcase his uncanny ability to blend dub elements into the house and techno sphere, rocking the dance floor with potent grooves and sultry rhythms.

The Production Maestro:

In addition to his DJ prowess, D’Julz has made a significant impact as a producer. He is responsible for a long list of tracks and remixes that have become essential weapons in the record boxes of the world’s DJ elite. His music has been signed to some of the finest underground labels, including Circus Company, Robsoul, Ovum, Rekids, and more. His own Bass Culture label, with over 60 releases, continues to go from strength to strength. Not content with just one label, he recently started a new venture called JV Recordings with the Yoyaku crew, further expanding his reach in the electronic music world.

A Timeless Legend:

What’s truly remarkable about D’Julz is his unwavering enthusiasm for his craft. He remains as passionate as he was when he first started DJing, and he continues to traverse the globe, rocking dance floors every weekend. D’Julz is undoubtedly a true legend, one who continues to be at the top of his game, now and forever.

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